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Ways to Benefit from free mortgage loan calculators

An astonishing 80 per cent of home buyers now conduct at least part of their home search on the Internet. In response to this influx of surfing home buyers, there is now a large number of free mortgage loan calculators available online. All of these calculators share basic core functions and some of them include additional features. But they all can provide valuable insight as you navigate the home mortgage process. Let's take a look at some of the different types of free mortgage loan calculators available online, and see how we can put them to best use.

Monthly Payments

All free mortgage loan calculators are able to calculate monthly mortgage payments. All you have to do is enter your total mortgage amount and the length of the mortgage, along with the interest rate and the starting date of the mortgage. The calculator will take this information and show you the amount of your monthly mortgage payments.

Some free mortgage loan calculators include an additional feature that will let you calculate the beneficial impact of making extra payments on your mortgage. By entering additional monthly or annual amounts, or adding a one-time payment, you can predict how much earlier your loan pay-off date could occur.


Free mortgage loan calculators can also help you figure out your amortization schedule. Whether or not your amortization schedule is based on prepayments, free mortgage loan calculators will help you compute the amount of a monthly payment.

Free mortgage loan calculators determine this by basing their calculations on your data: the principal amount borrowed, loan term, and the annual interest rate. Once the free mortgage loan calculator computes your monthly payment based on this data, you can then create the amortization schedule report.



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